About J.F. Price

J.F. Price was founded in early 2012 as a small business venture to buy and sell homes.

After several flips and a growing contractor base, the company evolved into a full-service General Contractor by the end of that year. At the time, the JF Price was unclear of what direction to take like many start-up businesses. The upcoming years would steer JF Price toward high volume renovation work for many property management companies throughout the Greater Houston area.

In an effort to better assist our clients, an occupied maintenance division was created.

Now serving Houston and San Antonio, JF Price is committed to expanding our services to better help property owners actively manage their assets.

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Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday

Office Telephone: 713-703-0793

Office Email: service@jfpriceconstruction.com

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Confidently turn over the daily grind of managing your property

Our team forms a trustworthy umbrella of technical expertise and experience, keeping your home or property in tip top shape, saving you headaches, money and time.

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